We study how membrane protein trafficking and quality control mechanisms surveil the membrane proteome, and how their dysregulation results in human disease.

We are in the Department of Molecular Medicine in the Veterinary Medical Center at Cornell University.

Congratulations to Julia and Jade for giving beautiful research presentations on their work at the NERY meeting 2023!

Posted 28 Jul 2023 by Richa

We have another PhD candidate in the lab! Julia passed her A exam with flying colors! Congratulations Julia - so proud!

Posted 07 Jul 2023 by Richa

Woohoo!! Lab’s first extramural grant!!! Lab was awarded the R35 MIRA grant from the NIH for 5 years.

Posted 03 Jul 2023 by Richa

Jade passed her A exam! Congratulations Jade - proud of you! Yay, the first PhD candidate in Sardana lab!

Posted 28 Jun 2023 by Richa
Posted 26 Jun 2023 by Richa
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