Golgi membrane protein Erd1 is essential for recycling a subset of Golgi glycosyltransferases

Richa Sardana, Carolyn M Highland, Beth Straight, Christopher Chavez, J Christopher Fromme, Scott D Emr, eLife 10 (e70774) (2021).


Protein glycosylation in the Golgi is a sequential process that requires proper distribution of transmem- brane glycosyltransferase enzymes in the appropriate Golgi compartments. Some of the cytosolic machinery required for the steady-state localization of some Golgi enzymes are known but existing models do not explain how many of these enzymes are localized. Here, we uncover the role of an integral membrane protein in yeast, Erd1, as a key facilitator of Golgi glycosyltransferase recycling by directly interacting with both the Golgi enzymes and the cytosolic receptor, Vps74. Loss of Erd1 function results in mislocalization of Golgi enzymes to the vacuole/lysosome. We present evidence that Erd1 forms an integral part of the recycling machinery and ensures productive recycling of several early Golgi enzymes. Our work provides new insights on how the localization of Golgi glycosyltransferases is spatially and temporally regulated, and is finely tuned to the cues of Golgi maturation.