Adaptor linked K63 di-ubiquitin activates Nedd4/Rsp5 E3 ligase

Lu Zhu, Qing Zhang, Ciro D Cordeiro, Sudeep Banjade, Richa Sardana, Yuxin Mao, Scott D Emr, eLife (2022).


Nedd4/Rsp5 family E3 ligases mediate numerous cellular processes, many of which require the E3 ligase to interact with PY motif containing adaptor proteins. Several arrestin-related trafficking adaptors (ARTs) of Rsp5 were self-ubiquitinated for activation, but the regulation mechanism remains elusive. Remarkably, we demonstrate that Art1, Art4, and Art5 undergo K63-linked di-ubiquitination by Rsp5. This modification enhances the plasma membrane recruitment of Rsp5 by Art1 or Art5 upon substrate induction, required for cargo protein ubiquitination. In agreement with these observations, we find that di-ubiquitin strengthens the interaction between the pombe orthologs of Rsp5 and Art1, Pub1, and Any1. Furthermore, we discover that the homologous to E6AP C-terminus (HECT) domain exosite protects the K63-linked di-ubiquitin on the adaptors from cleavage by the deubiquitination enzyme Ubp2. Together, our study uncovers a novel ubiquitination modification implemented by Rsp5 adaptor proteins, underscoring the regulatory mechanism of how adaptor proteins control the recruitment, and activity of Rsp5 for the turnover of membrane proteins.